Who We Are...

The Railroad Research Group at the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) is aimed at developing knowledge and innovative technology in support of the U.S. rail transportation industry.

The research conducted at UTPA focuses on dynamic and thermal analyses of suspension components of freight railcars in an effort to provide a comprehensive condition monitoring system. Other projects undertaken involve the development of auxiliary hydraulic suspension systems, on-board load measurement systems, and polymer research projects. The overall goal of the research performed at UTPA is to assist in the development and enhancement of on-board monitoring devices of suspension elements in order to improve the safe passage of freight railcars across the United States. The objectives and initiatives of the Railroad Research Group at UTPA are driven by freight-railroad industry demands.

The UTPA Railroad Research Group is also focused on providing student education and training through undergraduate and graduate research opportunities. The aspiration to take part in the research and enhancement of new technologies is what attracts students and faculty to join this research group. The latter impacts the rail-industry through the training and development of a workforce that is savvy of the importance of improving safety assessments, safety counter measures, and decision-making tools, which will lead to greater long-term safety gains.